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Listed here are the various talks and meetings that we have held for our members since the group was formed in 2007. Click on the links which will take you to Factfiles, pages containing reports, some with photographs, of the meetings. (NB this site is currently under reconstruction and many of the links may not work)


Local Mills – Peter Morgan – 16th January
Excavation of a Medieval Chapel at Kildale – Roger Inman – 20th February
Teesside Volunteers of the International Brigade – Tony Fox – 17th April
The North York Moors Association – Raymond Clarke – 15th May
All Human Life: the North Riding Quarter Sessions Records – Dan Sudron – 19th June
Site Visit to Excavation of Medieval Chapel at Kildale – Roger Inman – 5th July
Secret Darlington – Chris Lloyd – 11th September
Bilsdale – A Short History – Malcolm Bowes of Bilsdale Local History Group – 16th October
Then & Now: A look at our Villages through Old Photographs – John Davies – 20th November


A Trifle From Crathorne – The Story of St Mary’s Chapel – Mike Toogood – 17th January
Scarborough In The Civil War – Jean Spenceley – 14th February
Street House In The Neolithic – Steve Sherlock – 11th March
Crime and Punishment – Ripon Museum Trust – 11th April
The Gardens and Parkland of Greenhow, Ingleby Manor and Busby Hall – Louise Wickham – 16th May
The Imperial Connections of a Local Family: The Dixons of Chapelgarth – Dr Marcella Sutcliffe – 20th June
Camphill Village Trust: Lives of opportunity since 1955 – Alex Robertson – 17th October
A Local Epidemic Lockdown-19th Century Version – Arline Ashton – 21st November



Patterns of Marriage in Rural Communities – Rev Ann Heading – 10th February
Defences of North Yorkshire WW1 and 11 – Stuart McMillan – 16th March
Appealing Conscription during WW1: An insight from the North Riding Tribunal Papers – Angus Wallace – 12th October
Heroes and a Villain – Chris Lloyd – 9th November


AGM – Rambles Around Cleveland – Lynn Lamport – 21st January
The Dixons and Cleopatra’s Needle – Ian Pearce – 25th February
The North East Turned Upside Down – Phil Philo – 25th March
Roman Aldborough – Wendy Hyam – 29th April
The Stories of Rievaulx Abbey and Mount Grace Priory – Lucy Beckett – 20th May
Visit to Aldborough – 3rd July
Ingleby Manor Survey Talk – Barry Harrison – 22nd July


AGM – 22nd January
Now and Then – 26th February
The Strange Beginnings of Stokesley’s Preston Grammar School – 12th March
Attacking The Devil and Sinking The Unsinkable – 16th April
Visit To All Saints’ Church, Great Ayton – 6th June
1918 – A Momentous Year For Women – 10th September


AGM – 16th January
The Graham Family of Norton Conyers – 27th February
In Search Of Captain Cook’s Cottage – 20th March
The Davison Children’s Home – 24th April
Kirkby Bank and The Alum House – 15th May
In the Footsteps of the White Monks – 19th June
Norton Conyers Visit  – 12th July
Westerdale at the time of the Knights Templar – 13th July
Wayward Wynyard – 25th September
Elizabethan Evening – 8th December


AGM – 18th January
The Diaries of John Stubbs – 15th February
Wills at the Borthwick – 14th March
Demoniacs at Skelton Castle – 18th April
Victorian Gardens – 23rd May
Escomb Church – 9th June
Music in Victorian Middlesbrough – 20th June
My Dad Was Born At Bridge House – 11th July
Archaeological Finds in Bedale 
Beggars at Quarter Sessions – 10th October


All the World’s a Stage – 9th February
Women and Property in North Yorkshire – 9th March
St Augustine’s – From Saxons to Tomorrow – 20th April
Glimpses of Kildale – 15th May
The Beauties of Sterne – 1st June
Visit to Shandy Hall – 23rd June
The Vikings in Cleveland – 6th July
A Walk Around Stokesley – 22nd July
The Pennymans of Ormesby Hall – 7th October
Village Education – 2nd November


A Farmer Moving South – 17th January
Sir William Turner’s Hospital – 17th February
The Mary Rose – 24th March
Saltburn Through the Years – 14th April
Linthorpe Pottery – 19th May
Markenfield Hall – 2nd July
Battersby Junction Walk – 24th July
History in Local Place Names – 7th September
From Yorkshire to the South Seas. Captain Cook and the Making of a Hero – 20th October
Prohibition Party – 12th December


Corn Milling – 11th March
Warren Moor Ironstone Mine – 12th June
Letters in the Attic – Part 3 – 27th June
Newham Hall – 5th September
The Arts & Crafts Movement and the Building of Rounton Grange – 9th September
Street House Roman Villa – 15th October
Navvies – 7th November


Preserving Our History and Your Documents – 20th February
Gertrude Bell – 18th April
Iron Smelting in Tripsdale – Part 2 – 9th May
Heritage Walk Around Kirkby – 20th June
Roman Occupation of the Tees Valley – 25th June
Whorlton Old Church and Castle – 9th July
Ormesby Hall Visit – 7th September
Local History Through Early Postcards – 12th November


Northern Archaeology Store – 7th July
Pannierman Way Day – 22nd July
Discovering Secrets of our Past – 12th September
British Steel Archive – 12th October
Defending the Home Front – 14th November


“Living Memories” Great Broughton and the Sports Club – 15th February
Papers in the Attic, the sequel – March
Survey of Kirkby School House and Other Buildings – April
The History of Linen Making In Our Area – 10th May
Heritage Walk Around Great Broughton – 16th June
Moving School in Broughton – 14th September
The Rosedale Railway Part 3 – 7th October
Jet Mining – 3rd November
A Victorian Feast – 3rd December


AGM and Living Memories – 23rd January
Heritage Trails – 11th February
Your Next Station Stop is Stokesley – 16th March
Local Vernacular Architecture – 20th April
Iron Smelting in Tripsdale – 5th May
The Moors Archaeology from the Air – 20th May
Ingleby Manor – 24th June
The Saxons, A Royal Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Street House, Loftus – 8th October
Rosedale Railway Part 2 – 12th November


Kirkby Since 1945 – 14th March
Tees and Us – 2nd April
Local Archaeological Sites – 19th May
Deserted Medieval Village of Little Broughton – 17th June
The Medieval Village of Little Broughton – 17th June
Mount Grace Priory – July 30th
Iron Age Sites – 23rd Sept
Local Wills – 7th October
Rosedale Railway – 6th November
Medieval Feast – 5th December


Rievaulx Abbey

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