Street House in the Neolithic

WhereGreat Broughton Village HallType of EventIllustrated Talk
WhenFriday 11th March 2022TutorSteve Sherlock

The lecture was delivered by Steve Sherlock who has been to talk to the Local History Group before.  Steve delivered a fascinating account of the dig at Street House near to the coast.  He began by saying that the site was small in area but was a site that kept giving.  There are several sites in that area with potential.  The dig began in 2014 by looking for Roman remains but they found Neolithic.  This is an early Neolithic site from the time when people were moving from nomadic hunter-gatherers into farming.  The site is 6000 years old and has so far provided 4000 finds.  The finds include kilns and salt manufacturing.  Unique salt vessels are in evidence.  It is believed to be the earliest salt manufacturing site in Britain.

The lecture was attended by a good sized audience.  The talk held attention and was followed by several questions.  This was the first evening on which the LHG has provided refreshments after a two year break.

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