Kirkby Parish Records pre 1837

WhereZoomType of EventIllustrated Talk
WhenMonday 17th May 2021TutorWayne Barnacal

The presentation from Wayne, one of our own members, was about a small, contained, local place By any standards this was a limited population for study.

Topics covered included Church Cause Papers, Poor Law Records, Highways Records and Wills 

Cause Papers are records of cases heard by the church court in York relating to the parish of Kirkby from 1552 to 1782 collected by Borthwick Institute in York. They deal with such things as tithe disputes, contested wills, pew disputes, drunkenness in church and church warden’s neglect of duty. In many cases they involved the same people.

Poor law records showed that care of the poor was administered at parish level and handled by raising money from property owners on an annual basis. Northallerton county archive have records of every year from 1740 to 1837. The section on the Poor Law administration had shades of Oliver Twist. There was a Parish Poor house on Hill Rd in Kirkby.

Almost every area mentioned was probably a topic for research in its own right. The collection of information and records showed that. An enjoyable and thought provoking lecture.

Kirkby Poor House, the small building on the right
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