History in Local Place Names

WhereGreat Broughton Village HallType of EventTalk
WhenMonday 7th September 2014TutorVic Woods

Around 40 members and visitors attended the talk. Vic had no visual aids to illustrate his topic but he captivated the audience by spinning a web which helped to understand how place names have been and still are subject to debatable origins and much change. It was fascinating to hear that the Viking names in our area probably came via Cumbria and have even Gaelic linguistic connections and what you see today on the sign post certainly can have many sources. There are evidently several scholars regarded as good source material for a start and thereafter it can be a fascinating and compulsive journey by the individual researcher throughout northern Europe. We here in the UK have been subject to plenty of invasion and occupation before and after 1066. 

Vic ended his talk with a lively question and answer session which proved that some of our assumptions can be way off course: Faceby could mean,  “Fatty’s Place” and Commondale Coleman’s Valley, whereas other “Dales” found in flat estuarial places have their origins in the word “deal”, Old French meaning a shared space.

To summarise: an enjoyable and stimulating evening with plenty left to think about!   

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