Glimpses of Kildale

WhereKildale Village HallType of EventIllustrated Talk
WhenFriday 15th May 2015TutorVal Anthony

Val Anthony, accompanied by her well behaved cocker spaniel, came up from Somerset where she now lives, and gave an interesting and entertaining talk to some 45 people at Kildale Village Hall.

When Val’s husband Cedric retired from the Petrochemical Industry, he became interested in Agriculture, especially wooden machinery, and how it operated in the Dales, and this developed into an interest in local Kildale history. The advantages of researching history in Kildale were that it was a small community, and family homes had remained stable for many years. 

Cedric wanted to capture the essence of Kildale and collected many box files of research material. When he became ill, and worried that he was letting local people down by being unable to finish his book, Val then helped edit and manage the material. When Cedric died, she put it all together, and the book “Glimpses of Kildale History” was published in November 2012. The book covers the 19th century.

The talk itself gave further insight into the process of history research as it relates to small communities, with numerous examples of different types of material.

An interesting example was an ancient Vestry Book c1818-1830 retrieved by a parishioner which had lain in a sideboard table for 50 years! This book and other material such as parish registers were available for inspection after the talk. There were also some audio recordings of local people’s experiences.

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