Gisborough Priory

WhereGreat Broughton Village HallType of EventEscorted Site Visit
WhenWednesday 23rd June 2021TutorsChristine Clarke

Following the talk on “A History of Gisborough Priory” by Christine Clarke, we had a guided tour of the Priory.

Christine organized a tour in small groups which meant we were able to ask lots of questions and go at our own pace. The Priory has an “iconic” East Wall which can be seen for miles, while much of the rest of the Priory only survives at foundation level. It was interesting to actually see the parts of the Priory that Christine had shown us in the illustrations in her lecture. At the end of the tour Christine had organized a viewing of some of the artefacts found at the Priory, including some ceramic floor tiles dating from the 13th century.

We were lucky with the weather and it was nice to meet up in person after so many Zoom meetings. Following the tour we sat in the sunshine and had coffee.

The Priory East Wall

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