Excavation of a Medieval Chapel at Kildale

WhereGreat Broughton Village HallType of EventIllustrated Talk
WhenMonday 20th February 2023TutorRoger Inman

This lecture was delivered by Roger Inman, chair of Hidden Valleys Community Project, and was very well attended.  There were a lot of LHG members, plus members of the Hidden Valleys Community Project group.

The talk commenced with the retreat of the ice sheet and the arrival of Mesolithic people.  Then the bronze and iron ages occupancies.  But the main focus was the medieval activity and particularly that of the post-conquest landowners.  

The chapel was dedicated to Saint Hilda, first granted to Augustinian Canons and then the Crutched Friars.  They were moved on for a variety of reasons.

The site was uncovered and revealed the architecture, the different kinds of building stone and a lot of finds.  This included pottery, over a thousand shards, and the Project has secured permission to look for the source of the clay.

The lecture was engrossing and attracted a lot of questions.  This is always a sign of interest.  Conversations continued later.

This year’s LHG programme includes a visit to the site.

An enjoyable evening.

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