A Heritage Walk Around Great Broughton

WhereGreat Broughton Type of EventWalk
WhenWednesday 16th June 2010 at 7 pmTutorGeoff Taylor, Judith Wright and Janet Snowden

This walk was organised to explore the village of Great Broughton with the aid of the newly published Heritage Trail and with this in mind, members were invited to bring their copies along with them. The meeting started at the crossroads where Geoff outlined the course of the walk. Beginning at the north end of the village, we visited Broughton House, crossing the road to the Manor House. We then walked down the east side of the High Street taking in the Temperance Hall, the Congregational Chapel, the old Wesleyan Chapel (now the Village Hall) and the Jet Miners Inn. Here Jan Luntz gave a talk on jet mining in the area. 

We then crossed the road to the Methodist Church where Judith Wright told us something of its history.

Back across the road we went on to the Weaver’s Cottage to learn of its past from Janet Snowden and finally to the Holme to Holme Croft where Arlene Ashton talked about some of the previous occupants of her house.

Geoff concluded by thanking all of those who had contributed, particularly the home owners of the properties visited, and with dusk descending, we adjourned to the Wainstones Inn for supper.

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