Camphill Village Trust: Lives of opportunity since 1955

WhereGreat Broughton Village HallType of EventTalk
WhenMonday 17th October 2022TutorAlex Robertson

The lecture was well attended. The lecturer was enthusiastic and held the attention of the audience.

The work of the trust began in the 1930s in Scotland with the establishment of a community of adults with learning disabilities. This was a group which had not been well served before.  The move forward came in the 1950s with the village in Botton, near Danby, North Yorkshire.  This location came as a result of the involvement of the MacMillan family who wished to find help for a family member. The site is substantial with 600 acres of land, including forest, pastureland and food processing as major activities.  From that it has developed in other parts of the UK and influenced other parts of the world. There are villages in Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire and, of course, the Larchfield site near to Middlesbrough.

The communities are adults who are under supervision. People are free to make choices and take on activities which suit them. The aim is to generate fulfilment.  The people in the villages are able to stay there for as long as they wish. Funding is from a variety of sources and the residents arrive following referral. There are 120 residents at Botton.

The lecture provided insight into a community of which many of us had little knowledge. Following the lecture there were many questions, which is always an indication of interest. Examples of the work of the people in the village were on display. An enjoyable evening and one which gave an appreciation of the work in hand.

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